Why Trade With Metatrader4

For instant market access, trade with and open a MetaTrader account.  The MetaTrader4 is easy to download and install. It also has many trading capabilities and features that other platforms don’t have.  Setting up a MetaTrader4 account is simple, and the targets are executed immediately. You can also automate your trading by using scripts that can be uploaded to the platform.

The instructions of the scripts are easily carried out. With MetaTrader4, you do not need to be close to your computer to follow up the trading.  You will also never miss out on a trading opportunity when using the MetaTrader4.

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To View Your Trade History

MetaTrader4 offers you the functionality of convenience where you can view your trade history. To view your trade history;

  • Download your historical trading data per currency pair
  • Create/ request detailed reports on the positions you take
  • Track past charts and graphs to keep a summary of trends per instrument

With the trading history, you will never miss out on a trading opportunity. The historical feature will also save you the hassle of staying close to your computer throughout the day.

 Why Trade With MT4

There are reasons why traders chose to trade with MT4. The following are some of the reasons why you should opt for MT4:

Fully Regulated Broker

MT4 is a fully regulated online broker. The platform has vast experience, and it is present in numerous countries. MT4 is also an award-winning platform; thus, many traders have confidence in it.

 More Markets

Using the MT4 platform will allow you to access more markets.  There are over 250 assets in the platform to trade on. The online platform also has a variety of the most popular instruments like forex, commodities, indices, bonds, ETFs, and in-depth individual analysis. You will also enjoy over 30 advanced chartings and trading strategy back-testing on the MT4.

Automated Trading

The MT4 platform is EA compatible, thus gives you free access to many auto trading strategies.  You can also upload your developed or purchased trading robots to take your trades’ automation to another level.  Automated trading relieves you the stress of being near your computer throughout the trading time. You will never miss out on any trading opportunity as the trading robots will take off your trades.

Flexible Conditions

The MT4 platform has a variety of the most popular assets. This feature makes MT4 popular among traders in the forex market. The competitive companies trade on the most popular assets in the industry. Therefore the platform gives you access to the most competitive assets and stocks in the market.

 Mobile Trading

The MT4 system is light and can be used on any mobile device. You can use the Mt4 platform on your tablet or mobile device using the free Android and iOS.  You do not have to be near your computer to access the platform. All the transactions of the MT4 platform can easily be carried out at the palm of your hand.

 Full Support

You get free technical support from the team of experts.  You get free daily market analysis on the MT4 platform. You also have access to educational materials and live multilingual support. The technical support is available 24/5 when the markets are at their best. You will get technical advice on when and where to invest. You will also get support on how to navigate the platform.

The MT4 platform is top-rated due to its availability to brokers.  The platform is also user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is possible to roll-over and hedge using the MT4 platform. The MetaTrader4 use the MQL4 programming language. You can also execute up to three types of orders in a day.

The online platform allows only four types of pending orders at a given time. There are thirty technical indicators available on the MT4 platform. You can open a MetaTrader4 anytime to access the instant market.

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