WNY Holdings LLC Shares Ten Benefits Of Customer Surveys For The Small Business Owner

In order to be successful, small business owners must be attuned to the needs of their customers. As a small business owner, the profitability of your company, and indeed your very survival, hinges on customer behavior. It is not always easy to tell what those customers are thinking, but surveys can be a big help.

From how your brand is perceived to which products are most popular to what you could be doing better, a carefully conducted survey could uncover valuable information – data that will improve your business and boost your profits. In this article, the CEO of  WNY Holdings share 10 benefits of customer surveys for small businesses.

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  1. They give you insight into customer behavior. The behavior of your customers has a direct impact on your business, and surveys give you a unique view of what they are thinking.
  2. Survey data can uncover deficiencies in your business model. From issues with quality to problems with customer service, small pitfalls can doom your business. Survey data can help you find those issues, so you can address them before it is too late.
  3. The data you collect will help you build a mailing list. Surveys give you an easy and unobtrusive way to collect email addresses and contact information, so you can build a solid and reliable mailing list.
  4. Surveys demonstrate active listening. Paying attention to your customers is essential, and nothing demonstrates you are listening like a survey.
  5. A good survey can help you build your brand. Brand identity and awareness are critical parts of the business world, and surveys are valuable tools in that regard.
  6. They are powerful tools for gauging your progress. Once you have identified areas for improvement, surveys can help you tell how you are doing.
  7. Surveys are tools for customer retention. It costs far less to keep an existing customer happy than it does to find a new one. Surveys are excellent tools for retaining customers, so you can build your business and your profits.
  8. They make it easier to set priorities. As a small business owner, you only have so many resources, and that means setting priorities. By identifying what customers want, surveys can help you set those priorities more effectively.
  9. Survey data could uncover hidden trends. The best businesses do more than give customers what they want – they uncover needs buyers did not know they had. Careful analysis of survey data could identify emerging trends, giving business owners a competitive advantage.
  10. Surveys are easily adaptable. The business world is always changing, but surveys can change with the times. Changing your surveys is as easy as typing in a new question, and you can adapt your questionnaires as new needs emerge.

If you want to tell what customers are thinking, the best thing to do is ask them. But how you ask matters a great deal, and good survey design could make a world of difference. The best surveys are short, simple and well-constructed. Now that you know the benefits of customer surveys, you can work on creating the perfect one.

 About WNY Holdings LLC

WNY Holdings LLC was started in 2018 to provide industry-leading marketing services for small businesses. The founders are a husband and wife team, Ben and Melissa, who left their corporate jobs to specialize in helping restaurants, coffee shops, and retailers utilize tailored digital marketing strategies to attract visitors and turn them into loyal customers.

WNY Holdings offers services such as content marketing, web design, graphic design, media creation, SEO, and Facebook advertising. They focus on creating an excellent user experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Throughout the process, ongoing data analysis and custom reporting help clients track and understand how their digital marketing efforts are helping their businesses thrive.

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