10 Creative Motorcycle Helmet Designs

This is a new one for me. I’ve written about some super sweet motorcycle designs before. I’ve even written about the cheesiest motorcycle suit you’ve ever seen, but I’ve never written about the helmets.

If I rode a motorcycle, I would definitely put some thought into my helmet design. It seems like it might become an unexpected fashion accessory, like carrying a laptop. Would I choose one of these creative helmet designs? Probably not. I would choose something hot pink or maybe candy apple red.

However, these are definitely inspiring to check out and get design ideas. The Russian advertising company, Good, created these just for fun. Unfortunately, they don’t actually exist. Too bad. I think it would be great to drive down the highway and see someone wearing a watermelon or a brain helmet. It would definitely add some excitement to sitting in the boring Atlanta traffic jams.

[via bumbumbum]