101 Things You Can Do On a MoleSkine!

Whenever I visit the mall, I never fail to drop by the bookshops.  I either be look for new materials I can use to draw or just browse around for books.  In one of our recent visits, I noticed the Moleskin exhibit.  It was truly amazing to see the works of designers from all over the world, from fashion designers, to architects, students etc…

I have been a fan of the Moleskin product line and I always carry one around, just in case inspiration hits me.  Moleskine (pron. mol-a-skeen’-a) is a brand of notebooks, planners, diaries, sketchbooks and albums manufactured by Moleskine, an Italian company based in Milan. Moleskine notebooks are typically bound in oilcloth-covered cardboard, with an elastic band to hold the notebook closed, a sewn spine that allows it to lie flat when opened, cream colour paper, rounded corners, a ribbon bookmark, an expandable pocket inside the rear cover, all packed in a paper banderole.

I was so intrigued by the exhibit that I started looking around for what others are doing on the Internet.  I am truly amazed at the number of things one can actually do using the Moleskine.  I added four videos that I hope will inspire you to create and think up things that you can do!   As for yours truly, I am presently contemplating on what I can do to contribute.

Check out Moleskine for more fun and inspiration!