11 Tips For Drawing Simpsons-Like Cartoon Characters

I was messing around on a forum looking something up the other day, and I found something else so interesting that I forgot what I was originally looking for. I read about a guy named Chris who has basically spent 5 hours a day for the past two decades (he’s only 28 years old) drawing characters that look like The Simpsons.

He’s not affiliated in any way with the show; he just likes that style of how the characters are designed. When he’s not practicing and perfecting his drawings, he’s painting them. After years of people telling him that he has real talent, and he should start a Facebook page displaying his art, he finally did. You can see a small sampling of his artwork on Simpsons pictures that I gone and done.

After spending so many years learning how to draw these types of cartoon characters, he’s learned a lot about how to draw things a certain way to get a certain effect or mood. He posted several simple tutorials which I’ve shared with you below. Of course, these are just for fun and full of jokes, but there is a lot of truth in these little tips too. I like these a lot, and it’s amazing how a little line here or there can change the entire drawing. If you want to learn more about Chris, check him out on Facebook.

Draw True Love Cartoon Characters

Draw Really Detailed Eyes

Draw Simpsons Facial Expressions

Draw Realistic Looking Legs

Draw Detailed Realistic Hands

Draw A Good Cartoon Friend

Draw Cartoon Fun Tutorial

Draw Really Detailed Cartoon Hairstyles

Draw Lifelike Cartoon Details

Draw Cartoon Beards and Moustaches

Draw Famous Cartoon People

Header Image Credit: [The Guardian]