12 Stylish Staircases – Beautiful Design Inspiration

When I was a child, I developed a love for creative staircases. I always wanted to have a spiral staircase on the outside of my house that leads to the roof. I think it would be so much fun to go up onto the roof to sunbathe, BBQ or people watch.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become even more enamored by staircases. Whenever I go into a house or a building with an interesting staircase, I just want to go up and down over and over (@joycecherrier would be so proud).

Now that I’m in the market for a new place to live, I really want a unique staircase. Most people require a garage or a certain number of bedrooms or space… I really only have one requirement… a staircase like no other. I put together a selection of creative staircases below for your own inspiration. Don’t these look like fun? They have so much personality and brighten the whole space. I love them all, but my all time favorites are still spiral staircases. They just look so inviting and beautiful to me.

Thank you for the great pictures!

15 Creative and Modern Staircase Designs