16 Creative Coffee Mugs | Sugar & Cream Collection

It’s easy for me to wake up at 3am; it’s hard for me to wake up at 6am. To me, 3am feels creative, 6am feels early. As I sit here with my coffee and my computer in the middle of the night, I am inspired to share some beautiful coffee mugs with you.

I love coffee and I drink a lot of it every day. I’m a low maintenance coffee girl. I am just as happy making it on the inside as I am buying it on the outside. I drink my coffee out of a big man-sized coffee mug, I don’t mess around with those little dainty mugs where you take two sips and your cup is empty. Like all true coffee lovers, I have a cabinet full of special coffee mugs that I have collected over the past several years.

Coffee is such a warm and fuzzy part of life, and I can’t imagine living without it. I also like hot tea, but only when I’m in a European mood and feeling very prim and proper. I found these creative coffee mugs to show you (there is also a tea mug in here for my friend @Minervity who loves tea). I affectionately named these mugs part of my “Sugar and Cream” collection, just because they inspire me to reach for the sugar and cream. I hope you enjoy their beauty as much as I do!

These mugs below are special because they come in a set of six, each with a different mustache so
you can drink out of whichever one matches your mood.

The mug below is very unique because it has a built in propeller on the bottom that stirs your
coffee for you when you touch the button on the handle.

These black and white mugs are not as special as the photograph itself. I wish I knew who to credit for it.

Thank you for inspiring photographs!