4 iPhone Apps To Get You Started With iPhonography!

Like many people, one of my most favorite online activities now is photo sharing. People upload photos on their favorite social networking sites and why not? A photo can truly speak volumes. We often take pictures of what we see around us, and we like to be creative when we do so. A lot of people I know have their fancy hi-tech cameras handy just in case an inspiration hits them. Some people use their Lomo cameras while others use their handy digital cameras that fit in their bags or pockets. I’ve even noticed many people are using their cell phones to take pictures and share them instantly with friends.

People using their iPhones have even started calling it iPhonography. What is so cool about using the iPhone is the thousands of applications that you can download. The applications allow a person to be truly creative. I have put together 4 applications that can get you started in iPhonography. There are a lot of other applications other than what are featured in this article. You can check them out here.

HipstamaticThis application is called the instant art maker. It allows the user versatility. The filters and lenses allow so many different effects that you can use while taking your photos.

Camerabag – This app allows you to create and dramatically improve or enhance your photos with varied classic camera and film simulations. It’s similar to the Hipstamatic and costs $1.99 to download on your iPhone.

LEGO Photo – Instantly turn your photos into Lego bricks for free!

Instagr.am – This is by far my favorite one. It has several filters that can transform your photos into works of art. It is also a social site for iPhone photo lovers. You can add friends, share photos, comment and “like” too. The app is free!