5 Things Your Logo Should Say About Your Business

Your business deserves a logo that represents or gives a clue about your services or products and showcases your passion. A logo is part of your brand, and it’s that brand that people recognize. The logo gives your business the image, and it has to look appropriate for your company or products. A well-designed logo should represent the passion you have for your business. It should be a symbol of your company’s identity. Wondering what role it should play? Here are five things your logo should say on behalf of your business.

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1. It Represents Your Class

Customers need assurance that your services are for every person regardless of age, race, views, etc. They want to believe that your business has class. No matter how creative the logo looks, it must respect the audiences. Logo design has to involve a range of demographics to ensure that some audiences aren’t pissed off.

Before creating a logo, businesses should think about what they want the logo to represent and avoid any taboo subjects, strange symbols, or potentially objectionable themes representing religions or politics unless they relate to the company’s services. For instance, it’s okay to have religious symbols if you publish religious books.

2. The Message From Your Business

One of the questions people ask about your business is your message. Answering the question will help you mold your business and make better decisions. The message should be conveyed in your logo. It shows whether your business is forward-thinking, playful, traditional, geeky, or fast delivery company. So, make sure you create your logo with a clear message and, as a tip, using a logo creation service, such as Logaster, is always a great way to optimize time and cost.

The best example of logos that seems to represent fast delivery is the FedEx one which has an arrow pointing forward. That logo represents their service. The Google Chrome logo, on the other hand, looks like a spinning wheel. Being a browser, the logo means that it spins through the interwebs to find what you are looking for. Your logo has to convey your message at all costs.

3. Your Pride

Your logo’s style represents your pride as a company, and it should serve you on your website, your products in the store, your apparel, name it all! You want to have a logo that makes you proud and fit within new trends. So, what logo styles can you choose and what do they represent?

  • Wordmark logos like CNN, BBC, eBay, and Google which are acronyms designed creatively representing the freestanding company names.
  • Pictorial logos like that of Apple, Twitter, and Starbucks to represent the brand’s attitude.
  • Letterforms logos. These represent your brand with the first letter on your business’s title. Honda and McDonald are the best examples.
  • Abstract logos are used by Nike, Pepsi, and Dell Alienware. They are conceptual symbols that can’t be recognized immediately.
  • Emblem logos like that of Harley Davidson which shows what the company is associated with.

4. Your Timeliness

Ancient logos are a turnoff. You have to recreate a logo every few years. Every company should ensure that its logo can withstand the test of time, and the only way they can do that is by relying on the best branding agencies to help them out.

Sometimes it might be unavoidable for established businesses to renovate their logos, but creating a timely logo will ensure that the company won’t have to go back on the process until after some time. They should avoid creating logos from trends which come to pass.

5. Your Goals

What are you aiming for? Satisfy your customer first and then the money will flow. When creating a logo, first think about what you don’t want. For instance, if you sell adult content, a logo with animated characteristics is unnecessary for your business.

However, it has to be gender neutral, since it will involve both men and women, and that can help you create a logo with a better font style, and color choice, perhaps red.


Logos are integral parts of your company, but we take them for granted at times. Your logo shouldn’t just look good but also represent your feeling or message. Your logo has to speak about your business.

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