6 Surprisingly Effective Ways To Use Stock Photos In Ads

Adding photographs for advertisement and business purposes requires a lot of time and money. The royalty to be paid is high and often requires a thorough background check for plagiarism and copyright. Photography is an enjoyable, creative, and innovative way to share an idea. However, it comes with a hefty price tag.

This is where share photography can be helpful for busy people and corporations. A photograph adds a visual element in the advertisement and has a unique appeal to the masses. FocusedCollection is one such site for getting share photographs. It offers its users more than 4,00,000 content appropriate unique images at lucrative prices.

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What Is Stock Photography?

Stock photography refers to the photograph collection for community use under different licenses. The concept came into play in the early 1920s. But with the advancement in digital cameras and phones, the market has grown exponentially. This helps businesses cut costs on hiring professional photographers.

FocusedCollection is a global marketplace for individuals, businesses, websites, advertising agencies, etc. to look for unique and candid photographs. FocussedCollection boasts of carefully picked outstanding and candid images by talented photographers from across the world.

The platform has an exclusive library authentic royalty-free image. The first page of the website lets the user know the features, terms of use, and license agreement. The license agreement is available in 8 languages.

How To Use Stock Photos In Ads?

The following ways suggest how Stock photography is used in an efficient way rather than the cheesy regular manner

1. Play By Rules

First and foremost is to learn the rules and regulations of Stock Photography. Not being careful can lead to legal complications. There are three categories of stock photography

Public Domain

Photographs under this category are free to use and do not require attribution. These do not have a license. It is essential to look for this detail while selecting a picture.


This is the most popular category of pictures across the domains. The royalty-free images require the buyer to pay one time for the image. The buyer across several platforms can then reuse the photograph without having to repurchase the license. The user, however, requires understanding the attributes and beautiful prints.

Right Managed

Kind of license allows the buyer to pay for a one-time use of the image. This means that to use the image again for the same or different purpose, the user requires to repurchase the license. The right managed license helps in assuring the originality of the advertisement campaign by avoiding the same image used by a competitor. FocussedCollection allows users to buy royalty-free images for their campaigns and businesses.

2. Find Unique Photos

Photos usually come with a repetitive structure and are used by many. This reduces the visual appeal of the project when the advertisements look repetitive. Stock photos tend to become recognizable.

Choosing a candid and creative photo should by the aim of a marketer.  It allows for finding original photos by enabling businesses to tell their stories through carefully categorized and organized photo collection.

3. Assign A Budget To Stock Photos

It is essential to assign a budget for finding a perfect stock photo. While the pictures are available for free in the Public Domain category, the paid photos allow for a broader room for creativity. Thus, making strategizing a vital aspect of swimming through the ocean of stock photos.

4. Contextually Relevant Image

Is important to not confuse the target audience with an irrelevant photograph for the advertisement campaign. Even if the advertisers want to add in a dash of humor to their advertisements, correct product placement must be checked. The central aspect of carefully picking up photos is to convey the message.

5. Simplicity And Emotional Photographs

Impact of a picture should be eye-rolling. The emotional connect of a picture draws the number of people towards the campaign, thus making it a success. Intuition has the most significant role to play in this type of selection. Another aspect has a clean, crisp, and pleasing image. The more authentic the setting, the better pick it becomes.

6. Modify Image And A/B Test

Should always modify the image it requires. Sometimes it is aesthetically pleasing. Another work is to run an A/B test with a set of audience. This test runs two sets of advertisements to check for a more stimulating and rewarding campaign. The simplicity and testing further confirm for the betterment of the campaign.

Features Of FocusedCollection

  1. The collection of photographs is hand-picked by the team, and the images are categorized.
  2. Has a team to deliver the images as per the customer requirement.
  3. The customer can change the image orientation as per requirement.
  4. There are 17 available colors to choose from for a predominant color for the image.
  5. There is a separate section for editorial section images. These images can only be used for publishing content and are relatively cheap.
  6. There are exclusive rights to the clients, with all the necessary explanations.
  7. The images can be downloaded without a watermark.


FocusedCollection offers the stock images at a highly competitive price staring from$49. The other categories of pricing are based on sizes- Large ($199) and XL ($100 plus redistribution of image $200). The user interface is easy to use, and photographs are of high quality, unique, and diverse.

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