6 Reasons Why Pictures Are Important Aspects Of Content Quality

Pictures have become the universal language these days, and thus, the reason for the popularity of Instagram and Facebook. As more people embrace the visual medium, entrepreneurs can’t help but incorporate images into their content marketing efforts. Here are a few of the many reasons why you should consider pictures as an important aspect of content quality.

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1. They Increase The Number Of Views

Every successful entrepreneur is aware that investing in SEO or Google ads alone is not enough for your site to gain an increased number of views. The professional photographers behind UK based on-demand photography service believe that pictures paint more than just images.

A study conducted by PR News revealed that the presence of pictures in online content increases views for as much as 94 percent. Even if these images are made up of still photos, they do wonders in telling a story. Carefully composed images have the power to evoke a vision, emotion, and a dream. An image that is perfectly captured can indeed paint a thousand words.

2. It Makes Your Website More Persuasive

These images also help determine whether your website visitors should read the rest of what your website has to offer or just shift their attention to other websites. The use of vivid pictures will make your website look more alluring. It serves as one of the driving forces of your customer’s decision-making.

Your web visitors will look at those images on your website, and in just a matter of seconds, they would immediately decide whether they should buy your products or not. Although the written content also plays an important role, the presence of images will take it one step further.

3. They Can Serve As Marketing Collateral

Images that represent your company, products, and services you provide are now considered as a crucial business asset. These pictures can also serve as the bargaining tool that you can use in collaborating with other entrepreneurs. You may invite bloggers and social media influencers and offer them the opportunity to use your images for no fee at all.

Do this in exchange for a backlink to your website. In turn, the content quality of your website will not only be able to reach more audiences. It will also increase the creation of inbound links, which has been a proven strategy for improving your website’s SEO ranking.

4. Pictures Create Stronger Connections

Pictures help ensure that people would read, hear, or watch the content that people post on their website. It is through the use of visuals that people would take the time to consume the content being seen, read, or heard from the website they visited. This is because images would serve as a bridge that builds connections as it elicits different emotions while also enhancing the messages being conveyed by your website’s written content. As a result, your brand identity will be solidified as images continue to serve as the backbone of your marketing success.

5. Pictures Enhance The Message Of Web Content

Studies have shown that people can recall 65 percent of information if it is conveyed with the help of a relevant image.  This is true even after three days from the time that your visitor checked in on your website. This goes to say that if you want your web content to elicit higher recall among your target audience, then you should make use of vivid images. On the contrary, relying on text-based information alone won’t guarantee success, especially in this age of visual culture.

6. Pictures Provide Easy To Scan Information

As mentioned earlier, we are now living in a world where people rely more on visuals when absorbing information. If your website content uses images that match your written content, it helps make the information easy to scan. This helps increase the length of time that your website visitor will spend on your website, thus reducing your site’s bounce rate. When people stay longer on your website, the chances are high that they will become interested in buying your products.

Online marketer Jeff Bullas revealed that images help increase the number of views for more than 90 percent. Besides, research also proved that visual content has the power to tap the visceral psyche of your target audience. This encourages them to learn more about the product that you are promoting. If you add vivid and relevant images to your website content, the chances are high that brand awareness will also skyrocket.

However, if you think you do not have the skill of taking excellent pictures, you might as well hire the services of a professional photographer. This may mean that you are going to spend more, but rest assured that the benefits are huge.

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