7 Vintage Style Illustrations: Superheroes & Their Alter Egos

Earlier today I wrote an article about depressed superheroes, and how superheroes are more like us than we realize sometimes. Along that same line, I just found these vintage style illustrations of our favorite superheroes. Each print shows both sides of their personalities, the superhero side and the human side. It’s a wonderful concept that comes together beautifully in this collection by designer Danny Haas.

I like the simple lines in this type of design. I also remember seeing Danny’s work a year ago when he created some Star Wars prints. You can see his Empire Strikes Back illustrations on Society 6. They’ve been featured on iPhone cases, iPad/iPod skins and t-shirts.

I can’t decide which half of these I like better, the superhero half or the human half. Of all of these superheroes though, Hulk is definitely my favorite one. I wonder if they were all alive today if they would be geeky. They would for sure be sweet and sensitive, or at least Hulk would be. I remember watching those old television episodes of Incredible Hulk, and he was always so gentle and kind to the good people. I’m amazed at how Danny was able to make the human side of Iron Man look just like Tony Stark without much detail. These are fabulous!

Incredible Hulk Superhero Poster

Wolverine Claw Superhero Poster

Spider Man Superhero Poster

Ironman Artistic Superhero Poster

Superman Artistic Superhero Poster

Batman Robin Artistic Superhero Poster

Artistic Illustrations Of Superheroes

Via: [Flavorwire]