A Disease Called Humans: A Creative Comic About The Earth

One thing that we love at Bit Rebels is the planet. Since we all live so far apart from each other, we feel the distance and the vastness of the Earth on a weekly basis. As technology continues to make our world smaller by connecting us all in ways we never thought possible even a decade ago, the fact remains that even though our planet is huge, we have limited natural resources.

Once we manage to destroy this planet, where exactly will we go? We can’t just move to another planet or make another ocean somewhere…. Yet. However, sometimes mother nature looks down on us and smiles in her forgiving way when we make poor decisions with regards to our environment. For example, Richard wrote about this glass shard beach, which is a natural-made beach from glass pieces that were dumped there decades ago. It’s actually very beautiful, and apparently it’s very soft to walk on also.

Many artists and writers have their own special way of expressing their feelings about recycling and our planet, which some people say is a uniquely endangered species. Leave it to the funny guys over at 9GAG to illustrate this in a satirical comic featuring the Earth, the moon, and Mars. It’s about a disease the Earth has which is called “humans.” The is funny and will definitely give you a giggle, but the underlying message is very serious.

I've Got Humans Comic Strip