A Geeky Stop Motion Animation Created With Fire

I run hot and cold with stop motion animation because I’m such a snob about it. It has to be really, really well done for me to be impressed. Well, in the past two days I’ve come across two of them that are impressive enough to share with you. First, there was the World Cup Stop Motion Made with Lego – USA vs. England that I posted yesterday. I absolutely love that one.

Today I have another fabulous one to show you, and this is for all my fellow geeks. The thing that makes this one so unique is that it is created from lit candles.

Called the “Amazing Fire Animation,” this stop motion shows the candles playing around with some Tetris, Pacman and Pong action. As if the creative use of these candles wasn’t enough, the classic video game simulation adds a dose of geekiness that I really like. This is not something I would try myself though. According to YouTube, “This took over two weeks to do. There was a lot of fire, a lot of smoke, and a whole lot of frustration.”

[via ufunk]