A Huge Mona Lisa Mosaic – Created From Burnt Toast!

I don’t know how I became the one that always writes about weird art on Bit Rebels. I guess it’s true, the mosquitoes that crashed into the billboards to make beautiful bloody art was a little strange.

Oh, and the embroidered bread, yeah, that was a little weird. You have to admit though; the artwork created from microscopic drops of alcohol and the colorful crayons carved into totem poles were cool though.

Here is yet another piece of artwork that is weird, yes, but ooohhh soo cool! This picture of Mona Lisa was just taken today in a shopping mall in Hong Kong. It is a mosaic Mona Lisa made from 6,000 slices of toast! From a distance, it kind of looks like pixel artwork. For many years now, Bennett, a 53-year-old artist, has been making art from toasted bread. He puts the bread under a cast-iron stencil and burns it with a blow to create colors and patterns. Wow, no wonder he is known as “The Toastman.” Thank you to my dear friend @rM1L for introducing me to this artist and his work!

[via news.xinhuanet, cnngo]