A Real Star Wars Escalator: The Only Way To Ride Like A Geek

I just wrote in an article yesterday about how much I don’t like shopping. It’s just not my thing, and it’s boring to me. However, if there was a mall in Atlanta with an escalator like this, I’d be there everyday. Shoot, I’d even set up a little shop at the bottom and sell tickets to ride that badboy. You don’t believe me? I would!

There’s an escalator here near the CNN Center that is supposedly one of the longest, tallest escalators in the world. I tried to get on it a few weeks ago and someone told me it cost money. I was like… whaaaaat? I had never heard of paying a toll to ride an escalator before. I wouldn’t pay to ride that one, but I’d pay to ride this one. Yup, that’s right.

This escalator is in the city hall building in Tel Aviv. Whoever decided to paint the opening crawl from the original Star Wars movie on the escalator steps deserves to be kissed… on the lips. I mean, daaaaang. That’s just too awesome for words. On a side note, if you’ve ever wondered how elevator steps get cleaned, click here to get enlightened. I betcha you never knew they did it like that! Like Richard always says, the simpler, the better.

Best Escalator In The World

Via: [Geekologie]