A Storm In A Tea Cup – Design Inspiration

I’ve never heard the expression, “a storm in a tea cup.” As the saying goes, apparently when someone is overreacting or creating some sort of drama, they are making a storm in a tea cup.

Even though I’m not familiar with that terminology, I am completely in love with this design. For as long as I can remember, my favorite colors on china and porcelain have been blue and white. This added touch of gold just completes the look for me.

These were created by a group of designers that call themselves Laikingland. This hand-painted kinetic art gives me a feeling of old-fashioned combined with new. To make this even more creative, if you turn the little gold handle on the side of the cup, the small boat rides on those mechanical waves. The clouds even surprise you with a bolt of lightening every so often. Wow, I absolutely love this!

[via yatzer]