Action Figures: Customized To Look Like Close Friends

Dr. Jesse Weiss is the Associate Professor of Sociology and Environmental Studies at the University of the Ozarks. If you look at his picture on the school website, he looks like an ordinary guy. However, behind that scruffy beard and those black glasses lies a mad scientist who can do something magically geeky with old action figures in his spare time.

First he decides on a friend, family member or coworker that he wants to recreate. Then he rips the arms and legs of various action figure bodies, and carefully chooses pieces that most resemble the real person’s body. He snaps back together an action figure body using those specifically chosen body parts. Last but not least, he paints on the face and other details so that the finished product bears a striking resemblance to the real person.

Sometimes he has to improvise to make the figure resemble the person he decided to recreate. He said, “There’s not a lot you can’t make, with having spare parts and all. You can do modifications with paint and you can use a Dremel tool, which is a small, spinning tool with a sander. I use clay that hardens when you heat it, and you can use that for hair, facial hair or a type of clothing style.” He normally uses wrestling figures, Star Wars figures and G.I. Joe figures. It only takes him two days to complete one, and he says most of that time is spent waiting for the paint to dry. Wow, that is so cool!

Customized Homemade Action Figures

Custom Homemade Action Figures

Custom Homemade Action Figures

Via: [Neatorama] [The Mary Sue] Image Credit: [SW Times]