An Origami Tea Bag – Appreciate The Simple Things In Life

I don’t know what it is with hot tea and me lately, but I feel like a little kid who is discovering something new. Yesterday I bought a beautiful hand-carved wooden box lined with navy blue velvet that is filled with different flavors of tea from all around the world. I’m having the best time experimenting with the different tastes.

A few days ago, I wrote an article about how we can take our drippy used tea bags and create inspiring art. If you are interested, you can read about that here. Today, I have found another hot tea related goodie to share with you. Look closely at the photo below. Do you see what that is? Yes, it is a very poetic, delicate and strangely romantic origami tea bag in the shape of a bird. I find that it reminds me to appreciate the simple things in life.

Russian designer Nathalia Ponomareva created this ingenious little tea bag. As the tea steeps, the bird expands and becomes even more plump and full. Of course, in order to enjoy this, you have to use a clear glass for your hot tea. Unfortunately, this is just a concept design at the moment, but if this was available in stores, I would buy it today.