Artist Doodles – Permanent Marker Used to Create Installation

Installation artists never cease to amaze me. They create larger than life works of art. I am a lover of art, and I appreciate everything that is created out of one’s imagination. You can see a person’s inner thoughts and feelings through their masterpiece. I found a cool installation art (vinyl) using permanent marker. How cool is that? Imagine putting an image together using something that we use to label products, to illustrate, or to put words to our thoughts during meetings. The artists worked to adorn the floors, and in some of the art, you can see that he worked on an entire room including the walls. So much thought and planning went into the process of putting these rooms together. I really think it’s amazing. What do you think?

The artist is Heike Weber. He was born in Siegen, North-Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. He is the 2008 winner of the Public Art Competition from the state NRW for the hall of the operation-center of the University-Hospital of Düsseldorf (Realisation in autumn 2010).

Photos c/o Triangulation Blog and Heinke Weber