Awesome Pop Up Book Art

When I was a kid the best books I love receiving are the ones that were pop ups.  As I grew older I started making them myself and even now I do make my planners less boring by making pop up pictures and sticking them onto the planner to make it more interesting, plus always a good conversation piece specially when meeting new people.  Found two very interesting videos that I hope will fire up your imagination as well.  One is the Pop Up Apartment, here you see the different rooms made up with letters and numbers.  The other video is interesting as it was made very interactive.  Included a definition as well to familiarize you with Pop Up Art Books.

Pop Up Books – The epithet pop-up is often applied to any three-dimensional or movable book, although properly the umbrella term movable book covers pop-ups, transformations, tunnel books, volvelles, flaps, pull-tabs, pop-outs, pull-downs, and more, each of which performs in a different manner. Also included, because they employ the same techniques, are three-dimensional greeting cards.


This incredible pop-up book contains interactive paper-based interfaces powered through a lilypad arduino.