Beautiful Birdhouses Created From Trash Decorate Urban Areas

One thing about animals and nature which always fascinates me is how they both adapt to whatever conditions they are faced with. There is a lot we can learn from that, whether it’s from a tiny flower that grows up between the sidewalk cracks or a bird that makes a nest in a mailbox. Birds are such a great example of this, and if you look at the pictures in 12 Bird Nests In Unusual Places, you will understand exactly what I’m talking about. Today instead of nests, it’s all about birdhouses, and the city birds that make their homes inside them.

The purpose of the Happy City Birds project, started by Thomas Winther, is to provide a warm, cozy place for birds to live in busy cities where wildlife is forced to adapt to our urban living. Thomas bought a box of nails for $40 and then started collecting scraps of wood, trash, and any material he thought he could recycle and reuse to make birdhouses. The result was 250 beautiful birdhouses which he then placed in busy cities all over Denmark.

Once the original 250 birdhouses were hung, he continued making more, and he continues even today. The Happy City Birds Facebook page reads, “We create homes for birds and other animals living in the city. We aim to only use trash and recycled materials. We don’t charge rent. You are welcome to join us.” What a warm and fuzzy project that I’m sure enhances the lives of so many birds in Denmark. One thing that shouldn’t go unmentioned is the fact that these colorful and very beautiful birdhouses really liven up the areas where they are placed. It’s like street art in an odd way, and it’s all made from trash and materials people discarded. It’s an inspiring project that I hope continues for a long time!

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Via: [My Modern Met] Image Credit: [The Madison Park Group]


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