Bizarre Food Design: Spaghetti & Meatballs Ice Cream

Here we go again, venturing into the realm of “food that looks like other food that you might want to eat if you could only wrap your brain around what it really is.” This type of food design is so popular these days, and it usually makes for some great pictures. From what I’ve read, spaghetti ice cream was very popular back in the ’80s. I have no idea how I missed that. I was probably too busy playing Frogger on my Atari or something.

What you are looking at is vanilla ice cream that is pressed through some sort of gadget which turns it into long strips that look like pasta noodles. The tomato sauce is replaced with strawberry sauce, and the Parmesan cheese is replaced with white chocolate flakes (or pieces of coconut) sprinkled on top. According to Wikipedia, this is called Spaghettieis, and it was invented in the late 1960s. If you really want to make it right, you’d place whipped cream in the bowl underneath the strips of ice cream noodles.

I’m not sure what the meatballs in some of these pictures are made of, but my guess would be some sort of chocolate cake. The bottom picture takes this concept even further. That is spaghetti ice cream on top of cupcakes. That one would have a completely different flavor since it’s not made with strawberry sauce and chocolate flakes. You can’t see the actual cupcakes very well in that image, but you can click over here to the Diary of a Mad Hausfrau to see more pictures and get the full recipe and tutorial. Now the only question is, would you eat it? I would, in a nanosecond. Then again, I would eat this abomination of a cupcake design found here too, but that’s just me.

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This is a picture of the spaghetti and meatballs cupcakes (below).


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