Bling Bling! The Bejeweled Xbox 360 Kinect

In today’s society, there are two ways to definitely know if you’ve “made it.” First, if there is a WikiLeak about you, you’ve got it going on. Secondly, if someone covers you or a gadget you’ve created in Swarovski crystals, you’ve made it for sure.

We’ve all seen the iPhones, fancy cars, cakes, handbags, jewelry and clothes covered in Swarovski crystals. As a matter of fact, when an item hits a certain level of popularity, it seems someone immediately covers it in these exquisite crystals. Even as recently as two weeks ago, Katy Perry posed for Haper’s Bazaar with 150 Swarovski crystals adorning her lips. Maybe we all just love things more when they are bejeweled.

With that being said, it should come as no surprise to me that someone recently slapped 5,000 Swarovski crystals on an Xbox 360 Kinect. Check out the pictures below. Wow, talk about bling bling! This thing will light up your house brighter than your kid’s Lite Brite.  Don’t worry; you won’t have to sacrifice any Kinect features for this sparkle either. According to T3, “this Kinect sensor features the same body recognition colour VGA Motion Camera with 640 x 480p resolution and 30 fps capture rate as its standard gloss black counterpart.” You can pick up one of these little bejeweled beauties here for $625. What? You didn’t think this was gonna come cheap, did you? As they say, “You gotta pay to play,” or something like that.