Botanical Beauties: Stilettos, Wedges & Pumps Made From Flowers

I must confess, once in a while, I buy my shoes online. As much as I love the experience of going to a store, finding the perfect pair, trying them on, and walking around in the shoes, sometimes my schedule just doesn’t allow for that treat. So the other day I found myself combing the web for a much-needed pair, when I stumbled upon some of the most gorgeous shoes I have seen in a long time.

This photographer, who seems to also have a love for beautiful shoes, created some of the most unique stilettos I have seen in a while. His project is called Shoe Fleur. Michel Tcherevkoff is the photographer. He spends time photographing flowers, leaves and plants in his New York studio. He then assembles the shoe and creates his masterpiece in Photoshop. He describes his photographic style as “reality with a twist.”

Each shoe is created from only one species, and the entire shoe is made out of only flowers and plants. After a little more research, I found that not only does he create shoes, but he has also moved into the handbag arena. Shoes, handbags and a photographer…It doesn’t get much better than that in my eyes.

These pieces of art are just so beautiful and elegant, it is almost sad you can’t wear them. I know I would love to have a few pairs of these stilettos on display in my studio. His images below are just a sampling of the artwork. To see more of his project or to learn more about his process, please visit the Shoe Fleur website.










Via: [Feature Shoot] Image Credits: [Michel Tcherevkoff]