The Bread Toaster That Burns The Weather Forecast On Your Toast

We’ve seen a lot of bread toasters and creative toast art over the past year. I never realized until I started writing about it a while back that there are so many different hues to the brown and black colors that can be burned onto the toast. By getting the colors just right, you can make some pretty incredible stuff. If you want to see some examples of what I’m talking about, just click over to Adorable Toast Art.

This bread toaster takes it all to the next level. It connects to the Internet and burns your daily weather forecast onto your breakfast bread. You won’t have to turn on the news or check a webpage to find out if it will be sunny or raining. You’ll just need to stumble into your kitchen and make some toast in the morning. This super cute little kitchen gadget called the Jamy Toaster was created by designer Nathan Brunstein.

The toaster itself has a built in barometer and thermometer, and when you are finished reading the weather, you just eat it. Well, if you are like me you would put strawberry jam on it first and then eat it. This is one of those concept designs that wish was real. I think we could all use a little happiness when we first wake up in the morning, and the weather forecast imprinted with a bread toaster might just do the trick. It would remind us to eat breakfast too, since many of us tend to skip that meal. From what I can see, this toaster can only make one slice of toast at a time, but that’s okay. You only have to read the weather once to know what the day will be like. I’ll take one in every color please!

The Jamy Bread Toaster Makes Mornings Fun

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Via: [Design Taxi]