Breathtaking Seascapes for Inspiration

Summer is my favorite time of the year, even though it gets very hot in my country. It reaches up to 40 degrees C sometimes. To battle the heat, people trek to the malls or the beach on the weekends.

What’s great is that the beach is quite accessible in my country. You can hop in a car and arrive at a beach in approximately 3.5 hours. However, not many people are making any effort to make sure that the beaches here are taken cared of. I believe that they should be part of the list of places that need to be saved.

Did you know that some of the garbage that we throw away is washed to the sea and it can be harmful to the coral and the different creatures that live there? I will be personally be taking part in a beach clean up in May this year and I am pretty excited about it.

I hope to be able to share it with you here. We are now asking people to register to help in the clean up.  I am just very happy that there are a lot of good photographers that capture the beauty of seascapes. Maybe if there are clean ups in your area, you can join in them too. It really just takes a small effort to take care of our environment. Just look at the photos below, they are truly awesome and they take my breath away.

Main Image Source – Dancing Medusae

Image Source – Mystic dream

Main Image Source – Coconuts on the Beach

Image Source – Angel’s Wings

Image Source – Rocky Driftwood

Image Source – Cliffjumper