Brilliantly Odd Takes Of Super Mario, LOTR And More…

I am sure it doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I am a huge art freak. I love art in every shape and form, and it’s become a way to inspire me to use the other side of my brain to code and solve problems. The reason I love art is not only intellectual but also spiritual in a way. The search for the ultimate feeling of inspiration is a never ending adventure, and it is one of the things that keeps me (and I think Diana and Misty as well) giving my all here at Bit Rebels. Different perspectives on things give us a better understanding of how to develop and grow without getting stuck in a certain corner. It is at the core of Bit Rebels, and I hope that will show throughout time as we continuously coming up with new ideas and designs here on this geeky site.

I have recently started following Dan Hipp, cartoonist and a super productive designer, whose creative force is one of the most impressive I have seen in quite a while. The time and the detail he spends on all his artwork is just amazing, and it’s a testament to great original flavor and brainstorming. The ideas his mind develops totally change our view on some of the things that we have thought to be static and finished in development.

His take on The Lord Of The Rings, Super Mario and a bunch of other legendary characters is not only fun but also truly “wall worthy.” With this I mean that I would, at any point, put up his artwork on the wall in my office. And that is just because of one reason – that it’s badass! If these posters wouldn’t strike an immediate conversation, then I am sure that the guest isn’t geek enough to party with the Rebels. Err, maybe not… but I am sure I would wonder what planet this invader must have come from not to know a legendary concept such as Super Mario or The Lord Of The Rings. I strongly recommend you to take a look at Dan Hipp’s website for more awesome work. You can even buy the ones you like if you’re fast enough.