Camo Cupcake Sandwiches: A Creative Camouflage Design

Here in the south, lots of people really get into the whole camouflage look. There are a lot more people than just the men and women who are in the military who wear those colors. Little kids sometimes wear camo to school, teenagers wear camo hats and even grandmas and grandpas sometimes wear the signature camo colors. When I saw these camo cupcake sandwiches that ooze creativity, I knew I had to share them with you.

If you have a family member who has been in the military at some point, these could be a really fun way to show him or her your appreciation for their service. Or, if you just like camo colors, these would be a fun little weekend snack.

They recipe looks very simple, and the key is getting all the colors just right. Debbie from Life Is Sweets created these, and lucky for us, she provided very specific directions for how to get each one of these colors just right. In a nutshell, you divide your cake batter into four separate bowls, color each one with the little guide below, and then carefully spoon each color into the whoopie pie pan.

These would be great for a soldier’s welcome home party, for a boy’s birthday party or even just for everyday deliciousness. This is one of those things that is more a method than a specific recipe. In other words, you could use this method for making whoopie pies in almost any color combination. The pink example you see below is what Debbie made when she went through the same process with different colors. You can click over to Camouflage Cupcake Sandwiches to get her complete tutorial. As I’m writing this, it’s Monday morning and I could use a good sugar rush. Yup, I could eat a couple of these right now.





Via: [Edible Crafts] [Chickabug]