Carbeque: The Tricked Out Car Transformed Into A BBQ

We are right smack in the middle of summer, and if there was ever a season for barbequing and spending time with friends outside, it’s now. Here in Atlanta, I can walk outside on pretty much any Saturday afternoon and smell a grill close by cooking up burgers and hotdogs. It’s just a tradition here in the South, along with sweet iced tea and bread pudding.

What if you want to switch things up a little bit and add some retro creativity to your BBQ? With this car, affectionately called the Carbeque, you can become the coolest party host on the block. I don’t have any idea who did this, but whoever it was, they put a lot of love into this project.

This car is completely transformed into a BBQ picnic diner, and there is room for four people. The engine block is gone, and in its place is a propane grill. The black and white checkerboard floor and red and white sun umbrella really add to the retro diner look. It’s hard to see in these pictures, but I think those are even old-fashioned Coca-Cola glasses on the table. According to the comments on GeekOSystem, which is where I originally found this beauty, it’s a 1957 Ford Customline. After checking Google Images, I think that may be correct. I wanna have a picnic in that car! I’ll take my burger medium-rare please, with extra ketchup of course.

Carbeque Tricked Out Ford

Carbeque Tricked Out Ford

1957 Ford Customline Carbeque

Okay, so you aren’t impressed by the Carbeque? You’re hard to please, huh? That’s cool. I have another antique car mod to show you that will for sure impress you then. It’s the world’s first transparent car. Yep, that’s right! Click over to Laughing Squid to read more about this very special 1939 Pontiac.

1939 Pontiac See Through Car