Cassette’s Not Dead

Do you remember the cassette tapes? They were used before to store audio recording messages and music that is when the CDs, the mp3 and ipods were in style.  Found some cool designs from that transformed them into works of art with both function and form.

Tribute to cassette tape, which kept us  company all through the 80’s and became a symbol of a generation. Taking advantage of  its structural properties, a lamp/box has been created only by means of tying the tapes firmly together. The lamp can be dimmed via  the light coming out of the tapes crevices, giving it a soft delicate bounce. One can play with the design and light emission by changing the tapes.

You can visit their awesome site and order some cool lamps that i’m sure will  really give your space that unique touch and plus you are also helping the environment.  Some awesome recycling design inspiration in my opinion.