Celebrities Without Eyebrows: A Fun Photoshop Collection

Since I’m on the Internet all day long, I run across some pretty wild and crazy websites. Sometimes I wonder what exactly someone has to be smoking to create some of the ones I’ve seen. Some of them are really creative and useful, like Is Your Blog Smarter Than A 5th Grader. You just enter the URL, and it spits out what grade level your writing is. It says Bit Rebels is at a 5th grade level, which in my opinion, is right where we need to be.

Another unusual yet very useful site Richard recently discovered is Star Wars Remix. It is a photo-sharing site that features everyday items that look like things from Star Wars. What could be more useful than that? I see Darth Vader’s helmet in my black coffee pot almost every day. One of these mornings I’m going to take a picture of it and tweet it so ya’ll can see. It looks exactly like it, really! Then there are other websites created that just make you sit back and think, “WTF was this person thinking?” An example of a site like that would be Bill vs. Betty which is devoted to mashing up photographs of Bill Murray and Betty White. Yeah, I know, go figure.

I recently stumbled onto two other websites which I cannot figure out at all, but they are still very funny. One is called Fuck Yeah No Eyebrows and the other is Celebrities Without Eyebrows. Maybe it’s just a bunch of fun to encourage people to play around with Photoshop, or maybe it’s to show how truly different people look without eyebrows. The only eyebrows, or lack there of, that I’ve seen stranger than this is the woman I saw at the grocery store a few months ago with big black eyebrows drawn on with what looked like a Sharpie. I was trying to get a snapshot with my iPhone so I could tweet it, but she kept staring at me. Those big black Sharpie eyebrows freaked me out, so I ran away instead. I hope you enjoy these ridiculous pictures, and that they give you a smile.

Michael Jackson Angelina Jolie Eyebrows

Kim Kardashian With No Eyebrows

Justin Timberlake With No Eyebrows

Chris Brown WIth No Eyebrows

President Obama With No Eyebrows

Russell Crowe With No Eyebrows

Marilyn Monroe With No Eyebrows

Scary Face With No Eyebrows

Via: [Sad and Useless]