Chewbacco: The Chewbacca Molded From Chewing Tobacco

If you are a fan of checking out artistic fun stuff online, you are probably familiar with Terry Border and his blog Bent Objects. He is famous for taking household objects (i.e. foods, keys, pill boxes, coffee beans, lotion bottles, etc..) and making them come alive with little wire arms and legs, which give them a life of their own.

His most recent project is Chewbacco, which is a Chewbacca molded from chewing tobacco. The ingredients he used to make this were a plastic snuf container, wire armature, dried chewing tobacco and glue. He made the clever little belt from pieces of electrical tape and duct tape.

Terry says he went out one morning, purchased the cheapest snuff he could find, and 8 hours later Chewbacco was born. He is a little more than 4 inches tall, and he no longer smells like wintergreen flavored tobacco. I think this is the best use of chewing tobacco I’ve ever seen. I wish there was a tobacco Han Solo to go with him. Terry is even selling this cutie on eBay. He says that bids under one million dollars are somewhat insulting, but still welcomed. :)

Star Wars Tobacca Chewbacco

Star Wars Tobacco Chewbacco

Star Wars Tobacco Chewbacco

Via: [Neatorama]