Cities Made With Over 420,000 Match Sticks

Dioramas are fascinating artworks! They are usually replicas of monuments or buildings that we are familiar with. They are painstakingly created by designers to the exact detail of the real structure. I’m sure you can just imagine the time and work that goes into building one.

I had the experience of building a scale model of a store when I was in college. It was one of our major projects in design school. The assignment given to us was to build a model of our dream retail store. I made one that was a Japanese inspired fashion outlet. I used Japanese bamboo toothpicks to build my walls, floors, tables, dressing rooms and shelves. I remember getting pieces of cloth from our neighbor so I could sew up some miniature dresses to put in the store. It took me 5 days to finish that artwork. Believe me, it was not easy. I did get a good grade on it, but I still don’t think it can even compare to the one I am featuring here for this article.

The artist is Patrick Acton, and his hobby is creating art pieces made with match sticks. Thousands of match sticks and hours of love goes into his artwork. He started his passion at the very young age of 10. He was inspired to create his match stick structures after he watched a man on television build a farmstead out of match sticks. His first creation was a replica of a small country church. Over the years, Acton has developed his techniques and has created masterpieces with thousands upon thousands of match sticks. Below are some of the works he has done, and they are massive. They are awesome cities made with over 420,000 match sticks!

Source: [Illusion 360 ]