Client Show | Designer Client Collaboration Tool!

Collaboration is one main element that can truly guarantee smooth work flow.  After one finishes his or her design the next step would be to meet with the client and share the ideas and the creative work.  With the client and the designer both pressed for time on most occasions, discussing the work in detail can be a real problem.

Sharing the creative work and presenting it to the client and getting feedback is very important even more so if there is a tight deadline that both are working on.  I found a tool that I hope will help designers and even agencies save not only time but also do real time collaboration with clients.  The tool is called ClientShow.

The interface looks pretty much easy to use.  You can upload the design work and then both the design, account team and client can start discussing.  What is great about it is that it is real time.  Feedback is fast.  Sign Up Here.

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