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Aspects of information technology concerning web design are constantly changing and improving. To remain relevant in the Denver web design market, you must stay at par with the changes in the industry. The upcoming trends seek more to heighten realism rather than hi-tech fantasy. The new trends are blending the digital with the ordinary in a particularly new way. Some of the new trends that you can employ in your Denver web design business are as follows.

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Abstract Art Compositions

Using abstract shapes, especially geometric ones, can seem restrictive, simple, and minimalist. To change this, you can incorporate them into sprawling and complex compositions to bring out a feeling of freedom. The abstract arrangements are currently taking the place of figure illustrations and stock photography.

Human images may invoke emotion, but the same is also possible with abstract art. Abstract art compositions improve your web design page, making it feel alive and expressive even without images of people. This is the reason for having images on your website.


Neumorphism is a successor to skeuomorphism, which is a style incorporating renders of old, familiar materials as current designs. This style is continually gaining popularity and promises to bring about minimalist realism. Neumorphism mimics physicality via selective drop shadows.

The design resembles digital embossing, especially because of the semi-flat colors. This trend allows you to reclaim the tactile experience, thereby heightening your user’s connection with the design that they are interacting with. This design will change the layout of search bars, text boxes, and buttons on most future digital designs.

Calm Colors

Due to the progressively digital nature of the current work environment, most people spend a lot of their days on computers. This is making many people have issues with their eyes because of staring at their computer screens for a long time. For this reason, you must consider using color schemes that are easy on the eyes.

As you are creating your web design, consider using colors that are neither too dark nor too light. Instead, find the balance in calm color palettes such as pastel blues, light pinks, or wholesome greens. Using calm color palettes naturally induces a feeling of relaxation and calmness.

Parallax Animation

Current web animations are increasingly getting complex by separating the page elements into background and foreground extremes. This separation creates a parallax effect. This happens when the objects near you appear to move at a faster pace than those that are far away.

This is what you see every day, like when viewing the scenery from a moving car. Incorporating this in your Denver web design makes your web page seem both real and surreal. When users view your web page through their computer screens, they see something resembling a theater stage.

Transforming Scrolling

When you are scrolling down a page on your computer, you are not only navigating the page, but you are also interacting. The same goes for users to your site. When they are scrolling your page, it makes them feel like they are participating in whatever is happening there.

This tweaks the interest of your users as they feel like they are engaging with you. The new trend of scrolling increases the visual feedback users get whenever they scroll. These include changes in color schemes, layout, and many more.

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