Colorful Corsets Inspired By Cupcakes & Candy

Spanish designer, Maya Hansen, is known for her fabulous corsets. I’ve been a fan of hers for a long time. Her unique designs have a very “Gone With The Wind” feel to them. I would love to own a few; however, I don’t have the fourteen-inch waist to complete the look.

Her most recent collection, called “Cake Corsets,” is my favorite of all. Inspired by cupcakes and candy, it’s a collection full of vibrant color and creativity. It’s full of modern charm combined with old-fashioned style. According to her official website, “it’s a colorful bang full of trimmings and patterns that evoke the first years of the 20th century.” The video below shows the photo shoot for these fabulous images. This is classic elegance at its best!

[via TheTrendyGirl]