Complete List Of Free Video & Image Resources

If you are a videographer who needs audio clips for your videos, or you may be a writer who needs stock imagery for your articles. Regardless of the situation, a wide range of people need videos and imagery for their marketing campaigns or websites.

Unfortunately, finding an expert to do videos free editing can be a bit challenging, especially if you have a tight budget. But, there are plenty of experts who will gladly share their work.

Although it is generally good practice to attribute your work to it, it is not always necessary. A creative commons license allows the creator to use their work without paying a license fee and can be royalty-free. However, before you use anything, make sure that you read the fine print.

Here are several resources to help you find the right creative assets for your next project. From free music for videos to photos and more, we have a wide range of resources you can use to create projects.

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List Of Resources For Sourcing Free Videos & Images

One of the first things we discuss is the importance of using your creations whenever possible. This is because if you need something specific, you can’t always get it done alone. For instance, if you need a close-up photo of a lion’s mouth, you might end up putting yourself in danger.

That is where Royalty-free and public domain resources come in. They are great tools for artists and creatives to use in their projects without worrying about getting sued. These include music loops, images, and download youtube videos for free without any restrictions.

Free Video Resources

  • Pexels Video– A collection of videos by Pexels, which you can use for free in any way you want.
  • Vimeo Public Domain Videos- A huge collection of public domain videos without attribution. The quality varies, but it is worth looking through.
  • com– Free HD video stock footage.
  • net- Free high-quality stock footage and motion graphics are available at The website features a variety of different projects and tools for creating videos.
  • Coverr- A collection that includes various virtual backgrounds and free download videos, such as those featured in Zoom videos.
  • com– The team at is dedicated to bringing you the best licensed and unlicensed videos. They do so by asking for attribution.

Free Image Resources

  • Every Pixel- It is a free photo search engine that allows users to find and share millions of photos from all around the internet. The images are under a Creative Commons 0 license, which means they can be used commercially.
  • Canva– Canva is a free image search engine with many images. You can also add text, quotes, and more with their online editor.
  • Stencil- Another alternative to Canva is the free online platform known as Stencil. This allows users to create and share their images. It also has a variety of free images that you can use in your projects.
  • The British Library– It has over a million vintage downloads. These include images from books, maps, and photos. Many of these are copyright-free and cover subjects such as flowers, children’s books, and cycling.
  • Pikwizard– Over 100,000 free images are currently available on Pikwizard, and over 20,000 of these are exclusive to us. They are currently adding new images to their daily library and aim to have over a million by the end of the year.
  • Pixabay– There are a lot of positive things about this site from other people.
  • Vatican Library Digitization Project- The Vatican Library has just started digitizing over 4,000 ancient manuscripts and is giving them away for free.
  • Good Free Photos– Thousands of free stock photos are available on Good Free Photos, a large online stock photo site that features images of animals, plants, and landscapes.
  • Vecteezy- It is a free stock photo and video platform that has millions of different types of illustrations and videos. Its search filters and categories make it easy to find what you want.
  • Unsplash– Crew started Unsplash as a side project, but it quickly grew into one of the largest and most used stock image sites. It features over a million images covering various topics. Its contributors are from all around the world.

Final Words

If you are an aspiring photographer or an entrepreneur looking to add stock photography to your website, this list will help you find the best sites that provide you with the necessary resources to make your work look great.

Although you cannot download Instagram videos free, there are still many resources for videos you can get from without restrictions. You do not need to be a member of the website to download videos for free. Just sign up, follow the individuals who contribute to the site, and save your download history.

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