Cool Ad Treatments| Inspiration

Clutter is one problem that a brand has to overcome to succeed in getting consumer attention.  So many ads are produced and aired everyday. Getting attention is crucial and there are so many ways to go about that.  One way is to make your ads come alive with the use of technology available today.  One such brand that we feel have been successful is the Audi Q5 tvc.  The production team did a great job with the following television ads that you have already seen or have heard of.

“Audi Q5 “Perfectly Synchronised”

Stunning new advert for the 2009 Audi Q5 from the advertising agency: Heimat, Berlin.

Flipping Good Ad

Isn’t it great when everything happens on cue? As it does when you drive an Audi Q5, with its perfectly synchronised engineeering. This seamless driving experience was the inspiration for the core idea behind Ogilvy Johannesburg’s latest TV commercial for the launch of the Audi Q5.