Couture Dress Made From 50,000 Gummy Bears

I remember a few years ago we featured a Gummy Bear Chandelier here on Bit Rebels. It was amazing to look at because it was created from 5,000 freshly made delicious Gummy Bears. That article has always been one of my favorites, and just looking at all those Gummy Bears makes my sweet tooth come alive. It’s hard to believe this dress is made with ten times that many Gummies! Yep, this Alexander McQueen inspired couture dress was created with 50,000 of those sugary little wonders.

This rainbow colored beauty weighed 220 pounds, and it took three people to pick it up and move it. What’s even more impressive is that each one of these Gummy Bears was hand-glued to a massive sheet of vinyl.

The vinyl covered a steel wire which was twisted into the shape of a dress. It took three weeks from start to finish to complete this masterpiece. I wonder how many they ate during that process. This dress was created for a photo shoot to celebrate the debut of TWELV Magazine. Hissa Igarashi and Sayuri Marakumi are the two designers who created this unique full length gown. They made it to the exact measurements of model Jessica Pitti’s body so it would fit her perfectly. I don’t usually get into couture gowns, but this one is just my style. She could even accessorize it with some Gummy Bear Jewelry.




Via: [That’s Nerdalicious] [Racked]