Create A Web Page With A Personal Touch!

We saw so much influx in the social media realm in 2009 and it is still growing. Just in my country, according to iHub, 10,000,000 people are already on FaceBook as of this time. Just last February, we were only at 9,300,000 users. That growth really is so evident. Even blogging is getting a lot of hype. People want to create blogs so they can share more!

The clamor to know how to make a web page is getting louder. What if you really want a page, but do not know how to create one? I found a site that allows their users to create a web page using their personal content found on the internet. The site is called

You can create your own splash site that brings together even your social network content onto one portal! According to LifeHacker is intended to act as a splash page for your virtual identity, routing viewers towards the aspects of your online persona you want to share. You can pull from over a dozen services including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and more.

I included a demo that shows the step by step procedure for how you can start making your own splash page! Enjoy, and please share with us what you have created! from Jack Zerby on Vimeo.