Creative 3D Pancake Designs: Food Inspiration

I like it when designers make unique creations with food. I sometimes create sculptures with my own food. I know Mom, when I was a child, you taught me not to play with my food. But… it’s so much fun!

We’ve even featured a lot of food design articles on Bit Rebels before. My favorites are the watermelon death star, these pretty cupcakes, and the pop tart sushi rolls.

Jim, from the blog Jim’s Pancakes, obviously agrees with me! He creates 3D Pancake designs. According to him, he’s just a regular guy trying to make some cool pancakes for his daughter, Allie. I love pancakes, and I would eat any of these! Well, I might not be able to eat the toilet pancakes with the chocolate chip poop (or are those Raisinettes?), but I’d eat the rest of them for sure.

[via geekologie]