Creative Crafting: Needle Felted Zombie Valentine’s Day Candy

This is the cutest little Valentine’s Day gift I’ve seen in a long time. Does your sweetie like to get a box of chocolates every year on February 14th? Oh, before I go any further, guys, there is something you need to know about that box of chocolates. Make sure you don’t cheap out and get a little one. C’mon, we like to down those suckers two at a time. And, don’t forget to get the box with the map. That’s right, we need a map so we don’t accidentally bite into the coconut one and gag. You know the candy makers just put that one in there to keep us on our toes. Okay… back to this article.

If your darling Valentine is watching her waistline this year, and if she requested no candy (yeah, like that’s ever going to happen), this box of needle felted zombie creatures might be a great substitute. Plus, they’ll give her some cool little balls to throw at you from across the room next time you leave your underwear on the floor.

These were created by Tina Waltke, who is obviously a very talented crafter. According to her site, as long as you order this by February 7th, it will arrive before Valentine’s Day. You can pick this up in her Etsy store for 40 bucks, which is a steal for all the time she must have spent on this!

Creative Valentines Day Craft

Creative Crafting Valentines Day

Creative Crafting Valentines Day

Creative Crafting Valentines Day

Via: [Craft]