Creative Library Ads: A Twist On Facebook, Twitter & YouTube

Maybe I sound like a nerd, but libraries used to be such a fun place to hang out back in the mid ’90s. I remember the library at my University was an architectural masterpiece with floor to ceiling glass windows and spiral staircases to die for. Those days are long gone though. I can’t even remember the last time I was in a library.

I understand why we’ve all converted to Internet addicts instead though. Although books are wonderful in their own way, they just can’t compete with the Internet. I know some people like to read books just for the sake of holding and reading a book, and I get that. I do that sometimes, like on an airplane and on vacation. But overall, the Internet is where it’s at, and I really don’t see us looking back to libraries as an option. As a matter of fact, some artists now view books as their materials for fabulous art pieces instead of something to sit down and read.

In an effort to attract more people to their library, the Milwaukee Public Library launched this interesting ad campaign. Its purpose is to nudge us off our social media sites and get us back into the library. These are brilliantly creative, but I’m afraid they have the opposite effect on me. They make me want to log into Facebook. They are still a lot of fun though!

Public Library Social Media Ads

Library Social Media Advertisements

Library Social Media Advertisements

Via: [My Modern Met]