Creative Star Wars Cookies Made With Santa Claus Cookie Cutters

If you glance at the title of this article and think it is just going to be a boring cookie post, you are waaaaay mistaken. This article is about someone who took her creativity to infinity and beyond, and what she made with her imagination is truly out of this world.

A blogger named Sugarbelle who bakes cookies every day (can I move in with you?) writes on her blog that everything she sees becomes a cookie in her head. Her goal is worldwide cookie domination. I think she’s on her way. Check this out… She looked at her standard holiday (Halloween and Christmas) cookie cutters and imagined creating Star Wars characters with them.

For example, in the picture below, you’ll see that she took a regular Santa Claus cookie cutter and created an Anakin and a Chewbacca cookie. She used a spider cookie cutter to make Princess Leia and Yoda cookies. A standard Christmas ornament cookie cutter made the perfect form for a Millennium Falcon. You can read all about the process and see many more pictures by going to Star Wars Cookies Using Holiday Cutters. Girl, you are brilliant! I love these!

Darth Vader Holidays Cookie

Darth Vader Cookies Holidays

Chewbacca Cookies For Holidays

Princess Leia Chewbacca Cookies

Via: [Technabob] [Craft]