Dana Yao – A Freelance Presentation Designer With Storytelling And Audience-Centered Approach

Dana Yao is an amazing freelance presentation designer with expertise in user experience design and data visualization. She is brilliant at developing professional decks for presentations that will enable you to win your clients’ hearts. Her audience-centered approach, high-quality work, and commitment to excellence make her different from others.

She has worked on multiple projects and designed winning presentations for her clients. She never stops trying until her clients are satisfied. In this post, we will briefly examine her presentation skills, background, persuasive storytelling approach, and how she gives ideas a visual appeal.

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The Way Dana Started Her Inspirational Journey

She is a proud self-taught artist who always believed in doing something new. She discovered the potential of her unique blend of artistic and analytical strengths, which motivated her to solve her customers’ real-life problems.

Dana Yao aimed to create designs and presentations which are human-friendly. She identified her strength and potential that can lead her to present strategic solutions to modern brands. You can clearly understand why her clients love her work so much. This acknowledgment is hard-earned, and she deserves it well.

Her Background

Dana Yao has a Bachelor’s in Psychology and learned human behavior and how to empathize with the audience. Her expertise in human behavioral science makes her understand the audience’s needs and decision-making process.

She then pursued her master’s degree in information design and data visualization, through which she learned in detail about human-centered design and grew her expertise in design.

She is a professionally trained user experience designer and found her passion in applying the user-centric approach to help people with their presentation decks. She helps clients craft their stories, visualize their content, and create engaging and impactful presentation decks that will wow your audience.

Audience-Centered Approach

The audience is the key to any business, and Dana understands this very well. Understanding the audience’s needs and creating catered presentation decks is always her primary goal. She researches well on the brand before starting her work and gets to know more about the targeted audience. She will ask questions to understand the nature of the presentation and who you are presenting to.

Whether it is your first presentation or in continuation with the previous ones, she asks you all these questions to design a perfect presentation without any loopholes.

Then comes the research about the nature of your audience. She would want to know precisely about your targeted audience, their problems, and possible solutions your business can bring.

She uses her diverse experience in psychology and design expertise to design a knock-out presentation for you. Her presentations will pitch an idea that fits the audience’s needs perfectly.

The Magic Of Storytelling In Presentations

Dana Yao is a big fan of storytelling and believes in telling your brand’s story to your customers so they can relate to your topic. According to her, you should craft a story to draw your audience’s attention in and use these stories to tell the value of your ideas.

Storytelling is an art, and very few people are very good at it. Dana Yao believes that storytelling is magic that can do wonders. She uses the art of storytelling perfectly in her presentations, and that’s how the magic begins. Her motto is to help people tell their brand’s story in a unique way that will make them stand out from the crowd.

Process Of Work

Dana Yao is very precise about her work methodologies. She thoroughly explains her work process to her clients so they would know better what goes into pitching their perfect idea. If the client clearly understands the work process, they can help better in providing details. She has categorized her work process into three steps.


The first step is to have a thorough discussion between Dana Yao and her client. She dives deep into your brand, its vision, and the audience. You will also have a better idea about your need and demand when you speak your heart out in front of your presentation designer.

She aims to understand your brand better to present it better. She will discuss your expectations, what you want to present in front of the people and how you want your brand image to be portrayed.

This process includes jotting down your ideas and creating a rough plan first. You may have plenty of ideas to discuss, but finally, you will mutually agree on one main idea to lead your presentation.


After sorting out your ideas and thoughts, your freelance presentation designer Dana Yao will submit several sample slides to give you a taste of the deck. After you review the sample slides and give the green signal to your designer, she will continue with the rest of the presentation deck.


This is where Dana Yao incorporates your feedback and submits the completed presentation deck draft. Her presentation skills are tremendous, and you won’t be disappointed when she presents you with an extraordinary combination of her aesthetic and logical abilities.

She strives for perfection and is still open to revisions if you are not completely satisfied. Usually, it takes just one or two revisions to attain the final look you want.

In Review

After reading this article, you should have a glimpse of how Dana Yao works to design the perfect presentation deck that tells your brand story and impacts your audience. Dana Yao’s work convinces you to trust her and let her creativity inspire you.

Dana Yao is your go-to person if you struggle to create the perfect presentation that impresses your clients and portrays your brand in an engaging and impactful way.

You can further explore Dana Yao’s work and expertise on her website: www.danayao.design, and send a message to her to get started on your presentation deck project.

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