Dancing Paint – High Speed Water Photography

I’ve always been interested in photography since just about anyone with a quality camera, including me, can take decent photographs. However, this high-speed water photography by Lindend Glendhill is in a whole different league.

This is the kind of photography that blows my mind because I can only imagine the amount of patience required to get the perfect shot. Everything has to be just right, the equipment, the colors, the background, the timing, and in this case, also the music!

She used a mic triggered SB800 Nikon flash controlled by StopShot which is a timing module that can assist with capturing images that move faster than your eye can see (it can even capture a moving bullet). To create the drops, Lindend used sound vibrations coming from a speaker! She was able to capture these photos while the paint drops danced to the music. The resulting paint sculptures are magnificent. She has some mad talent for sure. You can see more of Lindend’s photography by checking out her Flickr stream here.

[Image Source: boredpanda]