Debbie Does Cakes | Food Inspiration

I know what you’re thinking, and I’m not talking about that Debbie *wink*. This article is about Debbie Goard, the owner of a cake bakery in San Francisco called “Debbie Does Cakes.” I’ve had some pretty fabulously decorated cakes over the years, but I’ve never seen cakes like these before!

To me, these are works of art more than cakes. I can’t even imagine cutting into one. It might be a little strange though to cut into that steak cake below and taste sugar. One thing is for sure, Debbie is a cake superstar and I’m happy to see that all of her years of hard work and perfecting her craft are finally paying off in a big way. Her cakes start at $200.

Debbie has spent over two decades learning how to makes these creations. In this interview on, she admits that one of the most popular cake requests from her customers is for her to make her iPhone cake. A Wii lover, Debbie is also known for her ultra techy gaming cakes. She’s an ubber talented geek for sure! All of these pictures below are of cakes. Unbelievable, isn’t it?