Decorate Your Walls With A Sharpie – Design Inspiration

I just love Sharpies. I have several boxes of them in my desk drawer. I don’t know what it is about Sharpies, but those little markers always make me smile.

I’ve written about Sharpie art before. Remember the incredible Sharpie artwork drawn on paper cups? Those were magnificent to me! This is another example of someone that is inspired by Sharpies. Mr. Kratzer decorated all of the walls in his basement with… Sharpies! He used a combination of the traditional black markers and some colored ones.

Apparently it took a couple boxes of the markers to complete the job (about $12 worth). If you ask me, this sure beats paying an interior decorator! Lucky for him, his wife loves his doodling. Aww… how romantic. See, I told you Sharpies are cool!