Paper Craft Celebrities: You’ve Never Seen The Beatles Like This!

Some people are seriously fascinated with celebrities, and some are plain scary and follow your ass. Well, this article is of course not about that. It’s all about the genius ways an artist breathes new life into legendary artists that we all know about. I’m referring to the icons, the artists that will most likely never go out of style and will always outsell anything new that comes out. These artists all have their own unique style that if imitated, would only come across as weird and non creative.

Non creative is everything the designers over at People Too are not. Their way of portraying things with their paper art is just mind boggling and speaks to all your senses at once. The cuts and the angles they manage to fold, glue and attach to the papers make the figurines look insanely lifelike and spot on capturing these legendary personalities, poses and all.

Paper Too also created the Paper Plane World that I wrote an article about before on Bit Rebels, and this is yet another testament to their awesomeness and creativeness. These guys are definitely a force to be reckoned with in the future. I am sure they will come up with something even more creative to do with their paper craft. Maybe they have already. When I wrote the other article, I said the same thing, and now they showed us this. It’s insanely impressive to say the least.